Digital Lifestyle Freedom - With Levels to change your lifestyle

About Us

DLF is a crowd funding matrix platform created with the sole purpose of providing Financial Freedom to its members. We took a long time to develop and test this platform to make sure it is user friendly, fair and completely transparent - you will see your tree/generations as your team grows.

Why Choose Us

1. You only need to invest R300 once off & invite only 2 members and you get a potential to make R48000

2. You will make money right from the first level

3. Our system forces members to upgrade or they get blocked immediately.

4. Our system ensures members rejoin once they have cycled out.

5. We offer gift vouchers at our national presentations.

How It Works

▪ Sign up using the correct link of your upliner.

▪ Make sure you enter the correct information especially bank details & T-shirt and jacket size. (please double check)

▪Tell people about this new wonderful platform

▪As new members join your team you will be required to upgrade to the next level and keep the profits.

▪ It is important to confirm payment asap so you can upgrade to the next level quickly or else your DL could upgrade and pay any other upliner in your genealogy.

▪ Once you reach the last level you will collect your hard earned cash and rejoin the team so you can also help those who made it possible for you to make money.


DLF has only 4 levels and you are guaranteed to make profit at every level. Here is how


Pay R300 to your upliner, invite 2 member who will each pay you R300. (R300x2=R600). Keep R100 & upgrade to Level2.


Your DLs now have their own 2 DLs each, who will upgrade to Level 2 and pay you each R500. (R500x4= R2000). Keep R1000, pay R1000 and upgrade to Level 3.


Now your 2nd generation has their own DLs which is your 3rd generation making it 8 people. The 3rd generation will upgrade, they will each pay R1000 (R1000x8=R8000) Keep R5000 and upgrade with R3000 to the last level. Level4.


Your 4th generation of 16 members will each pay you R3000 to upgrade. (R3000x16=R48000). Congratulations, you have made a total of R54100!!!!


1. Pay attention during training 2. Help your team to grow 3. Once you cycle out, be fair and rejoin to help your team to make money regularly - a team is as strong as its weakest link. 4. Recruit Recruit.

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