Digital Lifestyle Freedom - FAQs


A list of Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the DLF process and what is required?

Please refer to the landing page for clear information and all that is required are:

1. Correct and valid bank details

2. Correct email address

3. Valid cellphone number

4. At least 2 members that will join under you. Please also refer back to your upliner for assistance.

I have registered what is next?

1. Pay your upliner the R300.

2. Please use your link to invite as many people as you can.

Where do I pay and who do I pay?

1. Go to the menu bar and click on Payments Info then click on Deposit, you will find all the information of the person you must pay.

I have paid what is the next step?

1. You have to recruit 2 members who will pay to you when they upgrade and they also do the same.

Where do I check who should pay me?

1. Go to menu bar and click on Payments Info and click on Withdrawals the information of people that should pay you is there.

Where do I confirm payment?

1. Go to menu bar and click on Payments Info and click on Withdrawals and click approved ONLY ONCE YOU HAVE RECEIVED PAYMENT AND THE CORRECT USERNAME THAT PAID YOU.

I forgot my password or I want to change my password, what must I do now?

1. Click on “forgot password” and the new password setting will be sent to your email address, click the link you received and reset new password.

I bought someone’s account how do I change the password?

1. You inform us and Support will go through some questions to verify the transaction first.

I approved the wrong person, please help unapproved them.

1. Unfortunately we cannot “un-approve” someone, please make sure you approve the correct name.

I blocked someone by mistake what can I do?

1. Contact Support to help with that issue but the blocked member has 15 minutes to fix the issue that got them up to be blocked.

Where do I check downliners that are due for upgrade?

1. Go to menu bar and click on Network Structure and click on Network List then you will see on the far right is a column written Due for Upgrade "YES".

I can’t see my Downliners in my tree?

1. Possibly they have been blocked, please enquire with Support.

Where do I find Tshirts, banners and leaflets?

1. For banners and tshirts, please contact our Facebook page or any of the Reps and for leaflets go to Menu bar and click on Useful information.